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"Bora Bora is BEAUTIFUL! I react terribly to paraffin wax candles and my friend told me about you so I went and bought 4 when I was in Tynwald a couple of weeks ago. Everyone that’s been in the house has complimented the smell. I absolutely love them and wont buy anything else now x"

– Stephanie

"Coconut + Lime makes me feel like I'm on a tropical island vacation! It takes me back to swimming in the turquoise sea and relaxing on the beach in Mauritius".

– Anna

"OMG the Bora Bora melts are the best thing I have ever smelt xx."

– Nicola

"The scent throw of Imvelo is perfection! There's nothing better than a candle or melt that delivers its promise on fragrance."

– Freya

"Absolutely loving your new floral fragrance Lychee and Peony! It's beautiful and becoming a top favourite in my Imvelo collection."

– Janet

"Happy 1st Birthday! Just ordered my favourite Bora Bora candle! LOVE that scent!"

– Rach

"My husband bought me one of your candles yesterday. Its gorgeous, such a lovely product."

– Lydia

"Picked my candle up at the Christmas market today. Its already my favourite cadle scent. Thank you x."

– Abi

"Bora Bora is amazing, smells sooo good! Was a birthday present but I will definitely be buying another for myself when this ones all done xx"

– Lorna