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Founded From a Love for Nature

In today’s busy world, we can often forget to appreciate the simple things that surround us on a daily basis. The Covid-19 lockdown, while a period of uncertainty, was also a great time to stop, and smell the roses! For me personally, it was a time of discovery. I started to see things differently. This new perspective – noticing the finer details, discovering the hidden surprises around every corner, feeling invigorated by the beauty of the outdoors, embracing positivity, and seeking out adventures around me – is when and where Imvelo Candle Co. was truly born!

Based at Imvelo Candle Co. headquarters - otherwise known as home - in Maughold, Isle of Man, I am a one-woman team. I work only with 100% soy wax and take inspiration from everything around me when it comes to the fragrances I create. Every candle is hand poured by myself, as I wear all the hats and take on all the roles that are needed to bring these much-loved Imvelo products to life. The pourer, mixer, wick trimmer, labeller, delivery driver… that’s me, Tarryn.

You can now find Imvelo Candle Co. in many of the boutiques and shops we have available on our beautiful Isle of Man.

Thanks For Shopping By

Isle of Man Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust is an independent local charity that creates new woodland on the Isle of Man, using predominantly native Manx species. They work tirelessly to ensure the survival and preservation of woods and trees, fighting to prevent the loss of irreplicable habitats and carbon stores, and preserving our natural heritage for the future.

As a Bronze Sponsor, Imvelo Candle Co. is invested in the incredible work that the Woodland Trust is doing, for people, for wildlife, for life. We endeavour to donate to this incredible charity on a regular basis, so your support of our small business makes this possible. Thank you! Find out more about the wonderful work being done by the Woodland Trust.

Biosphere Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a very special place, and part of our mission, as human beings, and a small business, is to keep it that way. As such, Imvelo Candle Co. has become a partner of Biosphere Isle of Man – a community of like-minded people, businesses, and organisations, working together to protect our vital natural resources, support our local heritage, engage, and teach and learn from others, and ultimately make a positive and sustainable impact on the environment. To find out more about how you can support Biosphere-related projects and initiatives, get in touch with us, or visit their website.