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Product Care + Use


+ Burn your candle for 3-4 hours on the first burn. This will allow the melt pool to reach the edge of the jar. It can take more than one 4hr burn to reach the edge but rest assured that it will.

+ Don't burn your candle all the way down - for safety, stop burning a candle when there is 1/2 inch of wax left in the vessel.

+ Always trim your wick to 5mm before lighting. This will allow you to get the best burn from your candle.

+ Keep burning candles away from open windows and drafty areas.

+ Never move a lit candle.

+ Always wait for your candle to cool before handling it.

+ Keep out of reach of children and pets.


+ Once in the desired area, remove the cap and place reeds into the neck of the bottle. Allow the reeds to soak up the oil naturally, it may take a day or so for the reeds to absorb the oil but please do not flip the reeds at this point.

+ Imvelo reeds are anti-clogging. As a result, you only need to turn the reeds weekly or when the fragrance fades.

+ If you notice the fragrance fading, try moving your diffuser to another room.

+ When your bottle is empty, simply purchase a refill diffuser which will come with a new set of reeds.


+ Place 1 wax melt cube on the top of your burner and place a 4hr tealight candle at the bottom.

+ Each wax melt will last for approximately 8-10hrs and when you can no longer smell the fragrance, simply scoop out the wax and replace with a new cube.